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Construction Diary 1993-1994

8-13-92..02-03-93 Gatherings mostly consisted of operating sessions and establishing a method of operation.

02/03/93 Dave and I started the junction at Pipe Falls, Gary and Jerry installed the double track tunnel portals at Burdette Creek and Couch. Keith cleaned out all the sidings and industries for the major scenery and electrical installation. 4 hr's

02/10/93 Dave, Keith and I worked on the junction at Pipe Falls. Cut the plywood and risers. 4 hr's.

02/17/93 Dave and I worked on the plywood sub roadbed at Pipe Falls. Keith helped us when we needed him and cut out the ground profile of the New River Mining Co. tipple. 4 hr's.

02/24/93 Dave and I worked on the junction at Pipe Falls. We cut and installed the plywood roadbed for the junction, and leveled the mainline. Keith and Gary were also present. Jerry worked on a train order signal to be installed at Smith Summit. 4 hr's.

03-03-93 Dave and I worked on the junction at Pipe Falls, cut and installed the Homosote roadbed. Gary looked at the tunnel portal for the old main at Smiths Summit. Keith worked with Dave and I on the junction. 3 hr's.

03-10-93 Dave, Keith and I worked on the Junction at Pipe Falls. Keith sanded some of the joints and kept the tools handy. Dave laid the roadbed and track on the south leg of the "Y" and got his side done before I did. I laid the north leg and had trouble with the switch roadbed on the lift-out. We finished all the trackage except spiking the ties between the factory holes and soldering the joints. 4 Hr's.

03-17-93 Dave, Keith, Gary and I did not do much except look at the Junction and plan. 3 Hr's

03-24-93 Dave, Jerry, Keith, Gary and I. Again we didn't do much except try to figure out the circuits on the blocks. We also discussed the signals for ES Cabin, Smith Summit, JD Cabin, and Pipe Falls. 4 hr's

04-21-93 Gary installed the tunnel portal for the old bore at Smith Summit. Keith drilled and spiked the track at the WV/CV Jct. I soldered the joints at the junction and cut out the center of the "Y" with the saber saw. 4 hr's.

05/19/93 Dave finished wiring the BEVCO cross over. I installed the motor at Beverly and the motor for ES Cabin. The ES Cabin motor was mounted beside the switch and will be covered by the cabin. Keith and Jerry installed the motors for the Weaver Creek curved turnout and south end of the siding at Slaty Fork. 4 Hr's.

05/26/93 Dave and Mike C. wired the switch motors at ES Cabin, Beverly, and South Smith Summit. Keith and I wired the switch motors at the north end of the staging yard and the south switch on the siding at Slaty Fork. 4 hr's.

06/02/93 Dave finished tidying up some of the wiring. Then Keith, Dave and I cleaned the entire RR. We also ran some trains after we finished. 4 hr's.

06/06/93 Jack and Don Sell trial fitted the Walthers New River Mining kit into Corley Coal Co. They added the third track with a stock #4 Atlas switch and an 18" section of flex track. John Baker built cars. Don started the screen wire base for the peninsula at the mine and working toward JD Cabin. I helped with the stapling. Jack started making Hydracal plaster 2 buckets at a time. Don, John and I started covering the wire. We finished the wire and covered the area between Mr. Again's House and the overpass at Pipe Falls including Greenbrier Lumber Co. Charlie was a Gopher and cooked the hamburgers. 6 hr's.

06/16/93 Dave, Jerry, Keith, Mike Coleman, Gary, Charlie and I cleaned the tracks, tested the trains etc.; for the tour of the George Washington Chapter on Sat. 06/19/93. 4 Hrs.

06/18/93 Mike Coleman and Dave worked on the Couch banner and the silos for Corley Coal Co. 3 Hrs

06/19/93 Tour of the George Washington Chapter of the Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society. We were a little rusty with the operating at first, but got in the grove after about 30 min. We got everyone who wanted to run a train including a Couch Turnaround (which took 3 engineers and 2 hrs.). 5 Hrs.

6/19/93.....2/16/94 We were not motivated to work very much on any part of the RR. Ran operating sessions, showed slides, showed videos, looked at models, anything except work.

2/16/94 Dave, Jerry, Keith , Greg and I moved the trains from the big room to the staging yard, Couch, Beverly, Smith Summit or any place that could accept a car. Even pulled some of the locomotives and stored between the staging yard and BEVCO. 4 hrs.

2/22/94 Mike C. and I cut "The Concrete Wall" from 1/8" Masonite and installed in the curve between and JD Cabin and the Brown Power Station. 3 hrs.

2/23/94 Dave installed the spur into the end of the power plant. Mike and Gary installed the tunnel portals at Weaver Creek and at "The Concrete Wall". I worked on the supports for the ridge. Jerry did errands. 4 hrs.

2/26/94 I finished "The Concrete Wall". 6 Hrs.

2/27/94 Jack, Barbara, Joan Baker and I installed the chicken wire mountain on the peninsula. 3 hrs.

3/1/94 Jerry and I covered the peninsula with plaster towels. Gary cast the tunnel portals for the mountain tunnels, the Lough tunnel, and staging yard tunnel. Keith, helped Gary. Dave was also there for awhile. 4 hrs.

3/9/94 Jerry worked on the rocks at Dead Mans Curve. Gary cast 2 more Lewis Tunnel portals. Mike helped me work on the chicken wire near the power plant. 3 hrs.

3/13/94 I finished the chicken wire shell on the power plant and Pipe Falls. 3 hrs.

3/23/94 Dave installed the switches at the new mine near Smith Summit. Mike C. and Jerry plastered the hill from JD Cabin to the Power Plant. Keith and I started the chicken wire on Helix starting at ES Cabin. Mike C., Jerry, Keith did the rocks at Grave Yard Curve. 4 Hrs.

3/26-27/94 I moved the 2 mines from Smith Summit and installed the old main line back to the Smith Summit tower. I also worked on the frame work for the Helix mountain and finished to the water pipe. 3 Hrs.

3/30/94 Dave installed the two small mines at Couch behind the Station. Just like Belington, WV. Mike, Keith, Jerry and I again worked on the plaster from ES Cabin to Water Tank. 4 hrs.

4/6/94 Dave enlarged the Greenbrier Lumber Siding to 2 tracks to facilitate installing the Riley Mine AKA Coleman Coal and Coke. He then installed the tunnel portals at Pipe Falls with Mike C. and Keith assisting. Jack and Jerry made the rocks from the tunnel portal above JD Cabin toward Grave Yard Curve and above the "Wall". Jack painted the rocks above the "Wall". Jerry made a cut stone wall for the BR Boys. 4 hrs.

4/20/94 Jerry made rocks and the stone wall for "BR" Coal. Keith and Mike C. cleaned the Staging Ward room and ran trains up the Helix. Dave concentrated on the Pipe Falls area particularly around the Jct., tunnel portals and approaches to the branch line. I worked on the rocks beside the "Wall". 4 hrs.

4/23/94 Jerry and I finished the rocks on the peninsula and painted the hard shell on the peninsula. 4 hrs.

4/25/-26/94 I built another Walthers New River Mining Tipple and painted it CONRAIL Blue with white roof. 6 hrs.

4/27/94 Keith and I made trees. Jerry painted the "Wall". Dave worked on the retaining wall above JD Cabin. Mike C. worked on the air brushes, needed cleaning. 3 hrs.

4/29/94 Mike and Jim installed the trees above "Wall" tunnel portal and Power Plant. 1 hr.

5/4/94 Mike C. and I painted trees. Then Jerry and Mike C. worked on the retaining wall near JD Cabin. Keith and I finished painting trees till we ran out of paint and foam. Dave leveled the Corley Coal Mine. 4 hrs.

5/5....5/10/94 I worked on various items on the peninsula. I also finished the Blue Mine and installed it at Smith Summit. 5 hrs

5/11/94 Jerry and Keith cut the frame work for the Dispatchers panel. Mike C. finished installing the trees at JD Cabin. He also scratch built the Unloading Building for Brown Power station. Dave made the map and banner for the Division Meeting June 5th. Gary and I made coal loads for hoppers. We may name the mine at Smith Summit "BLUE MINING CO." 4.5 hrs

5/18/94 Jerry and Dave worked on the Dispatcher/Operator panel. Mike and Keith worked on various equipment. Gary worked on the unloading shed. I worked around the RR on various scenery, trackage etc. 4 hrs.

5/19/94 I worked on something almost every night. Sometimes equipment then scenery. 5-6 hrs.

5/24/94 Dave replaced the toggle switch on Burdette Creek #1 track. He repaired the Weaver Creek industrial track to minimize derailments. He lifted the 6 axle restriction. I ballasted the remainder of the mountian block, then ballasted from the power plant unloading shed to JD Cabin. 4 hrs.

5/25/94 Jerry worked on the dispatcher/operator panel. Dave jumper wired the main line track between Weaver Creek Jct. and the Mountian switch, then helped Jerry on the panel. Mike Coleman ballasted the track from JD Cabin to Weaver Creek Jct. Mike Fellure worked on equipment. Keith and I made trees till we got rained out (about 2 hrs.). Keith and Mike Coleman then worked on various cars. Gary finished the unloading building at the Power Plant. 6 hrs.

5/25-5/29/94 Jerry and Dave worked on the dispatcher panel. Mike Coleman and Keith worked on the cars and engines to get them ready. Mike Fellure and I worked on and finished equipment projects. Gary worked on the unloading building at the Brown Power Plant. I ballasted the mainline from Cheat tunnel to South Pipe Falls and Burdette Creek Bridge to the Big Fill. At least 15 hrs.

5/30/94 Jack and I ballasted the mainline from Lough tunnel to the Slaty Fork Yard limit. 3 hrs.

5/31--6/3/94 Jerry and Dave finished the dispatcher panel. Mike and Keith got the trains ready and hung the skirt under the peninsula. Mike Fellure finished the engines. Mike Coleman made new station signs. I kept cleaning, ordered the knobs for the dispatcher panel and cab panels. 8 hrs.

6/5/95 THE DIVISION 6 MEETING DAY Jerry, Dave, Mike, Keith, Gary, Jack, John Baker and John Roberts. Was unbelievable, the trains ran flawlessly and we had over 50 visiters. Jerry dispatched over 15 trains for the guests. Dave, Mike, Keith, John Baker were engineers. Jack was Slaty Fork Yardmaster. Gary displayed his C&O Historical Society wares. John Roberts was here for everything except the meeting. I just milled around and visited with the guests. 8 hrs.

6/30/94-3/29/96 We have done very little construction on the RR.