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Construction Diary 1992

01-02-92 Dave, Charlie and I put together the first (lower) ring of the helix. We had to make (2) "T" girders for support and several risers. We also found the risers we made for the ring spacers were too short by about 1/4". We will make new spacers next session. With the new spacers we will be making 20" in 4 turns. 4 hr's.

01-05-92 Charlie and I built more supports for the first/bottom ring of the helix. We cut out the connector from the river bridge at Luke to the bottom of the helix. We laid Homosote and track on the first ring to the overlap. We laid the switches for the south end of the staging yard and laid the lead for the north bound staging yard. 5 hr's.

01-08-92 Gary worked on his big bridge. Jerry, Charlie and Keith worked on the staging yard. Dave and I worked on the helix, got two turns done now. 4 hr's.

01 15-92 Jerry and Gary finished the track work from the Burdette Creek bridge to the upper wall hole. Dave and I finished the helix. We needed 1" to complete the top level in 2 1/2 turns. We increased the grade .08 % the last 13 feet to reach the upper level. Jerry Doyle suggested the track arrangement look like Tunnelton, WV. I.E. the upper track goes to the old tunnel while the lower track goes to the new bore. 4.5 hr's

01-29-92 Dave and I worked on the top of the helix. Jerry worked on the staging yard with Keith helping with the spiking. Gary worked on the Burdette Creek bridge. Greg McDowell also helped out. 4 hr's.

01-31-92 Gary worked on the Burdette Creek Bridge. Dave and I worked on the Helix. Dave made a jig for the supports at Couch. he cut all the supports and assembled about 1/2 of them. We also cut the Homosote and plywood for the Valley Head yard, outside, on Dave's table saw, in the snow. Jerry and Greg worked on the staging yard and put the "Groan Train" on the railroad. 4 Hr's

02-02-92 Dave and I worked on the top of the helix. Dave wanted to fasten the Couch supports to the 2x4's but I could not find the 2" screws I had bought. 2 Hr's

02-04-92 Dave and I went to Radio Shack, picked up all the parts except the potentiometer for a copy of the Camma throttle. A total of about $ 18.00

02-05-92 Dave and Keith fastened the Homesote to the Valley Head yard, and the supports for Couch. Gary worked on the bridge fastening the girders to the back side and painting the ends of each girder. Jerry played with the trains and dumped the "Groan Train" on the curve below Pipe falls. He had all 27 cars, about 10 too many! Greg spiked the in-between holes on the Slaty Fork yard. Dave and I fastened the 2" styrene to the supports at Couch with Elmers Wood Glue. 4 Hr's.

02-06..07-92 I worked on the room. Gave it a major cleaning in preparation for a work session on Sat 02-08-92. 3 hr's

02-08-92 Dave built the subroad bed from the south end of the Valley Head yard to the Couch peninsula. He also adjusted the risers on the river bridges at Luke. Jack and Tommy Brown laid the track to the top of the helix. They also laid the track into Couch. Jerry drew the layout for the Couch and the industrial park. He also tightened the tracks on the staging yard. Tommy (Jerry's cousin) drilled the ties and installed extra nails on the main line from Slaty Fork to Pipe Falls. Gary worked on the Burdette Creek bridge he added the barrel's, barrel stands and decaled the girders. He also painted the piers, grooved the piers and sprayed Testors gloss coat on the Girders before he decaled them. I helped Jack, Dave and Gary. I laid the track from the south end of the staging yard to Luke. 7 Hr's.

02-09-92 I Laid the rails from the top of the helix to the Couch Styrofoam and glued with Liquid Nails. The noise on the Couch Styrofoam is too much. 3 hr's.

02-10-92 Dave built the prototype hand held throttle. We plugged it into Dave's power supply and then into the BIG power supply. Works well. Slight problem is that there is not enough voltage on the high side (10 volts). The major change was that we changed the entire plan at the top of the helix. The scene will resemble Terra Alta, WV. The yard will not be built but the trackage will have a B&O tower with an abandon Old Main in front. To the left the Old Main will have a truck coal dump that will have 2-4 cars. To the right, a 2-3 unit helper pocket, which will be the lead to the Old Main approach to the original tunnel. I removed the track on the Styrofoam and installed cork roadbed. 4 hr's.

02-12-92 Dave built at home the selector switch for the throttles. He separated the railroad into two (2) sections/divisions. We can operate (2) trains, (1) in each room. Jerry laid the rail across the Styrofoam. Greg and Keith drilled ties and installed nails on the Slaty Fork yard and main line. Gary continued the expert bridge work by installing the bridge track support at Luke. I was interrupted several times by customers, but managed to complete the trackage at Couch. I also completed a temporary connection at Luke to allow the trains to go all around. It was fitting for the first train to be G&G 5000 and 6 WM hoppers along with the Green C&O safety caboose. Dave and I ran a 35 car coal train powered with WM 7434, B&O 7402, and B&O 7400 total time around the RR was 9 min. 47 sec. The bump at the double door lift out will have to be repaired the engines came apart there both trips. The 35 car coal train went over the Burdette Creek bridge with no problems. 5 Hr's.

02-13-91 I renamed the Valley Head area of the top shelf to Smith Summit and published the appropriate memo to notify all employees of the same.

02-17-92 I cut out the north bridge and river channel for the Luke area. I laid the mainline and siding track through Luke. Dave laid the track through Smith Summit, (the old main line with coal tipple , helper pocket, pulpwood siding, and approach to the abandon tunnel. 4 hr's.

02-19-92 Dave finished the track work on Smith Summit. Jerry worked on the track work at Couch. Gary built the bridge at the north end of Luke. Keith installed ties under the rail joints at Slaty Fork. I taped some of the buildings together at Couch. We ran trains after Gary finished the bridge and I installed the track on it. 4 Hr's.

02-24-92 Jerry brought his BT1. We ran it all over the railroad. The ruling grade and curve is the "S" curve above the Power Plant. Dave also wired the Staging Yard to be operated by the two cabs and independently. 3 hr's.

02-26-92 Dave and I worked on the track work from the south end of Slaty Fork to under the big curve fill at Burdette Creek. Dave has almost figured out how the wiring will be laid out. Keith cut ties and filled gaps, he has a lot of them to go. Gary built a styrene Stone Viaduct similar to the Tray Run on the main line near the Coal Mine. He will build a smaller one for the other end of the siding near the Big Tunnel. 4 Hr's.

03-02-92 Dave and I. We made a trip to Thomas-Do-It Center, picked up the Masonite for the facade. We experimented with the Trailer Train and Grain Train on the big hill. We had problems with them on the "S" above the power plant. We decided to remove the "S" curve and to lengthen the siding between Burdette Creek and Couch. We removed the benchwork at both places. 4 Hr's.

03-04-92 Dave and I worked on the track work that we removed on 03-02-92. Jerry worked on the track work at Couch Industrial Park. Keith worked on the track in the staging yard. Gary worked on the viaduct and painted it an earth tone. 4 Hr's

03-06-92 Dave and I cleaned up the rooms and loaded the new tool cart from WMCO. We are planning a session tomorrow 03-07-92. I bought the Linoleum for the back drop from Tabor's. 3 Hr's.

03-07-92 Dave worked on the electrical. Wired the siding between Burdette Creek and Couch for (2) train operation. Jerry worked on the Couch Industrial Park. I went to Thomas's with Bev and bought the Ski High Blue paint for the backdrop and the Liquid nails for attaching it. Jerry helped me install the backdrop to Luke and the Staging Yard. 7 Hr's

03-09-92 Dave worked on the wiring and I hung the corner backdrop at Burdette Creek. Dave worked all day 03-09 from 9 AM till midnight on the wiring. I hung the backdrop from the corner at Burdette Creek to the edge of the double doors. Lin 8 Hr's, Dave 19 Hr's.

03-11-92 Dave, Jerry, Gary, Keith and I mostly ran test trains to check out the wiring. We cut the Luke helpers off on the fly at SS. 4 Hr's

03-15-92 Dave, Bob Adkins and I went to the Circleville HAM fest. I bought 2 Radio Shack. walkie-talkie and 2- small transformers.

03-18-92 Dave continued to work on the temporary wiring of the staging yard and the control panel. Mike Coleman isolated the south end of the staging yard. Jerry and Keith moved the trains from the Slaty Fork yard to Smith Summit and Couch. Charlie painted the backdrop linoleum. I hung the backdrop with help from Charlie, Keith, and Jerry from Burdette Creek to Pipe Falls and from Slaty Fork to the Brown Power Station. 4 Hr's

03-19-92 Dave and Mike C. worked on the staging yard wiring in the morning. Mike C. and I worked on the staging yard tracks in the afternoon. The temporary wiring is done! We can pass trains at Couch/Burdette Creek, Smith Summit or in the staging yard. Mike and I took a 28 car 40' coal train and measured all the sidings and yard tracks. All those tracks will be measured in 40' car lengths 8 Hr's.

03-25-92 Dave worked on the temporary wiring of the Pipe Falls mainline and siding, the Burdette Creek\Couch mainline and passing siding and the staging yard. Keith and I put up the back drop behind the big mountain and he painted it. All of us put up the backdrop from Couch to Smith Summit. Gary installed the "Lough" tunnel portal at the south end of Slaty Fork. 4.5 Hr's

03-29-92 I leveled the north switch at Nitrate, cut the track and removed the "S" curve. Dave and I worked on the mainline between Burdette Creek and North Pipe Falls. Had to shim one of the plywood voids with a piece of Linoleum adjust the risers and sand the thick places. We also found a problem in the staging yard between track # 6 and # 11. Some sort of interlock or a Dave says we have a Virus. 4 hr's.

03-30..31-92 Dave and I ran trains for awhile after Dave found the problem with the Staging Yard (a closed gap). I had the Trailer Train and Dave had the Coal Drag. We staged the meets at Burdette Creek and the Staging Yard. Dave had to have Helpers (WM 7433/ G&G 7625) from Luke to Smith Summit. I ran the helpers down the hill ahead of the Trailer Train. We also tuned on the track work. We cut out the single track bridge between Luke and the staging yard and double tracked from staging yard to Luke. Dave installed the Helper Pocket at Luke, the tracks to the wood yard across the river. I tuned track work on the Burdette Creek Peninsula and have just about repaired every bad place. I also worked on the staging yard #1 track. 8 Hr's

04-01-92 Dave wired the new helper pocket at Luke, made a longer cord on Cab "B", and installed styrene plugs in the block gaps. Gary built the bridge across the Tygart River into the wood yard at Luke. Keith installed the extra spikes on the staging yard. I lengthening # 4 & # 5 tracks in the staging yard by removing the right hand turnout and installing a left hand turnout. We ran trains for about 1 hour. The extra fine tuning work on the track is starting to show now, we hardly have a derailment. 4 Hr's.

04-02-91 I finished the alignment and fine tuning of the southbound staging yard to the mainline switch at Luke. 4 Hr's.

04-04-92 Charlie, Dave, Jerry and Keith and I mostly ran trains to find the weak spots in the track work and the equipment. 3 Hr's.

04-06-92 Dave and I cut in the switch for the helper pocket at Slaty Fork. We decided to wire the Slaty Fork yard, JD Cabin and the peninsula blocks for helper operation and yard power. 3 Hr's.

04-08-92 Gary installed the tunnel portal at ES Cabin. Keith painted the backdrop from Smith Summit to the water pipe. I drilled the holes for spikes on the staging yard tracks #7.. #11, Keith helped me finish the spiking. Dave worked on the wiring at the Slaty Fork yard. 4 Hr's

04-12-92 I bought two 2.5 AMP power supplies and a bunch of toggle switches at the Charleston Ham flea market. I nailed and tuned the track from Slaty Fork to JD Cabin on the mail line, and the Power Plant/Coal Mine branch. 2 Hr's.

04-13..14-92 Dave continued to work on the Slaty Fork temporary panel which will include the TECH II 2500 as a yard power source. I continued to fine tune track work, concentrating on the Slaty Fork yard and mainline.

04-15-92 Dave finished the temporary panel at Slaty Fork but only after some anxious moments when he thought there was a bad DPDT switch. He remembered there was an extra set of feeder wires on the Pipe Falls #2 block causing a short. Keith was responsible for helping find the problem when he started running trains after he finished painting the back drop in Couch. Jerry and I also did various things. 5 Hr's

04-20-92 Dave and I built the industrial sidings between Burdette Creek and Couch. The south end has a coal mine with double track, the north end has a sawmill. We also ran some trains to work on operations aspects of the railroad. 5 Hr's

04-25-92 Dave, Bob Adkins and I went to the Dayton Hamfest. We also stopped at Mendelsons in Dayton. Bought fork terminals, toggle switches, 3-power supplies, terminal strips, wire and parts for the electrical.

04-28-92 Dave built the hand held throttles with parts bought at Dayton and Radio Shack and installed them. The cabs get hot via the LM317 voltage regulator, may have to do something about that. 4 Hr's.

04-29-92 Dave and Jerry worked on locomotives and cars. Jerry made station signs and mounted them at the various stations along the railroad. Gary and I built the first mountain with screen wire, powdered spackling and paper towels. Keith ran some trains in the old room. 4 Hr's

05-06-92 Dave continued to work on the electrical. Keith started to build on the C&O 12 pack. Gary and I worked on some more scenery. 4 Hr's.

05-13-92 Dave worked on the electrical controls. Keith worked on the C&O 12 pack. I just built the framing for the mountain behind Burdette Creek. 4 Hr's.

05-20-92 Dave and I started pulling the cables for the Couch/Beverly/Smith Summit room. We had help from Keith and Gary. Keith finished the C&O 12 pack and started the B&O 12 pack. 4 Hr's.

05-21...23-92 Dave and I worked on the cables and bought the remaining parts for the throttles at Radio Shack in Charleston. 15 Hr's.

05-25...26-92 Dave and I worked on the throttles and rearranged the trains in the staging yard. Dave came 05-26 with all the throttles completed and they all work great! We tentatively set the Golden Spike Ceremony for the July 4 Th. weekend. The railroad is working super now. 10 Hr's.

05-27-92 Mike F. and Keith finished 7 of the B&O 12 pack, and ran out of Kadee #5's. Jerry and Gary built the lift out for Burdette Creek, and plastered under the Burdette Creek bridge. I just floated around. Actually one of most productive evenings we have had so far. We intend to quit working on the railroad and get ready for the show July 15. 4.5 Hr's.

06-01...02-92 Dave and I pulled more cables in the Slaty Fork room. We also ran some trains for testing. 8 Hr's.

06-03-92 Dave, Jerry, Mike F., Charlie and I worked on locomotives and rolling stock. Jerry and I moved the coal mine at Burdette Creek and while we did we increased the car capacity to about 12. 6 Hr's.

06-10-92 Mike F., Dave and I pulled the cables for the peninsula/Slaty Fork/Burdette Creek. 5 Hr's.

06-11-92 Dave worked on the wiring panels, drilling holes for the cables, locating the cable ends, and installing the terminal strips. Jerry and I installed the screen wire scenery supports on the Burdette Creek peninsula. Mike F. worked on locomotives. 4 Hr's

06-15...16-92 I started the rocks at the north end of the Burdette Creek bridge with the ceiling tile. Looks OK but needs a nice paint job. 5 Hr's.

06-17-92 Dave worked on the permanent wiring and helped Mike F. with the locomotive and car projects. Gary brought two coal tipples for the Smith Summit area. May have to install them at the pulp wood yard south of Smith Summit. I just putted around. 5 Hr's.

06-18-92 Mike F. worked on car and locomotive projects. Jerry and I plastered the mainline from Burdette Creek to North Pipe Falls. Gary installed the two tipples at Smith Summit and they look good. The look at Smith Summit will be different because the tipples were built on plywood squares and installed on the Homosote. 5.5 Hr's.

06-24-92 Mike F. and Keith worked on cars and locomotives. I worked on the track work at Pipe Falls. Dave continued to terminate the wiring. 5 Hr's.

06-25-92 Gary worked by himself because I forgot to call him. He worked on the tipples at Smith Summit. 2 Hr's.

06-29-92 Dave continued to terminate the wiring on the terminal blocks at the control panels. Occasionally I help him check out the various circuits. I finished the track work/tune-up at Pipe Falls. I supered the curves and took out the ski bump on the south end of the lift out. I started taping the buildings together for Couch. 4 Hr's.

07-01-92 Keith and Mike continue to produce cars and locomotives from the "Shady Fork Shops". Dave finished the terminal strips and set the power supplies. I finished taping, with the help of Mike, the buildings on Railroad Ave. in Couch. Think they look OK. 5 Hr's.

07-02-..04-02 Marathon construction session with the Golden Spike Ceremony Friday 3rd at 6:30 PM. We worked Thurs. night 2nd,. then all day Friday. Present were Dave, Jerry, Keith, Charlie, Jack, Dave Matheney (4th) and I,. Dave continued to work on the wiring and put up the Facie from Staging to Beverly, then Couch to Smith Summit, then from Burdette Creek to the High tunnel and at Sunshine. Jerry worked on a GP40-2 B&O # 4135 and built the ramps for the Coal yard in Couch. Mike worked on the Park Caboose for the Chamber of Commerce in Couch. Keith finished all the cars he had Kadees to mount on has several to finish. Jack and I worked on the rocks and trees in the Burdette Creek bowl. Learned how to paint/wash with a diluted solution of paint the rocks and ground. The area immediately above the bridge looks good. Dave Matheney came with Jerry on the 4th and brought a nice set of Kato GP 35's, B&O FA's and a P&LE MP15. We also had the golden spike ceremony with a passenger train and a trailer train at Weaver Creek on the viaduct. 15 Hr's.

07-05-92 I worked on the Jack Brown switch throws in the Slaty Fork yard. Painted the facie at Burdette Creek with the mix of blue I got from Do It Center. Dave and I installed the facie on the peninsula from Slaty Fork yard throat to Weaver Creek. Had some difficulty with the control panel on the end of the peninsula. 5 Hr's

07-06-92 Dave and I finished the facie in the big room and the lower ring 9 1/2 in on the helix. Mike F. worked on the Park Caboose for the Chamber of Commerce in Couch. 5 Hr's.

07-07-92 I installed 2-3 more switch throws. 2 hr's.

07-08-92 Dave and I worked on the last wrap of Masonite for the helix. We got one more done with the windows above the drink holders. Dave completed the drink holders except for cutting the holes for the cups. Mike F. finished the caboose for the Chamber of Commerce and started the town hall. Keith worked on the gap ties and completed the mainline, then started in the yard in Slaty Fork. 5 Hr's.

07-09-92 Mike F. worked on town hall for Couch. Dave and I worked on the facie on the helix. Jerry and I worked on the rocks in the Burdette Hollow. 5 Hr's.

07-15-92 Dave and I finished the facie on the helix. We also Liquid Nailed the lathe strips on the facie for the skirting. Charlie painted all the facie except the portion from JD Cabin to Brown Jct. Keith worked on the tie replacement between the rail sections. 5 Hr's.

07-16-92 Dave cut the facie between JD Cabin and Brown Jct., he also helped Jerry wire the Tortoise switch motor to the North Pipe Falls turnout. Keith finished the ties in the big room and started in the old basement. Mike F. finished the Couch Town Hall and started on Sunshine Hobbies. Charlie finished the facie painting. I finished the Singer Switch Machines in the big room and started to clean up the room. 6 Hr's.

07-22-92 Dave, Keith and I cleaned the big room and I painted the Slaty Fork yard. Keith cleaned track and inserted ties under the joints. 5 Hr's.

07-23-92 Dave and I finished cleaning the big room. Mike F. and Jerry moved all the trains into the Slaty Fork yard from the staging yard to prepare for painting the staging yard. Gary brought some more industries for Couch and other places. The Couch station looks good, a ready mix concrete plant, a gas station and a lumber co. were part of the structures he brought. 5 Hr's.

07-24..08-06-92 Every body worked the last week. Dave, Mike Fellure, Keith, Mike Coleman, Eric Splete, Jennifer Young, Shenan Splete, Bev Young, Jerry, Charlie. An all hands effort. Dave continued to clean under the railroad and all around. He also super tuned the display trains. Mike F. put Couch together with Daves jig. Keith put cars together and cleaned track. Mike Coleman helped Dave and everyone else. Eric, Jennifer and Shenan helped with the skirting. Bev died the skirting and ironed it. Jerry helped fine tune the trains and parked the various ones around the layout. Charlie helped get the train orders. On the day of the tour (NMRA National Convention Tour from Columbus) the crew met the bus in the park with the (Co. van) and in uniform. The tour crew was: Dave running the south bound trains, Jerry running the northbound trains, Charlie dispatching, Mike Fellure Slatyfork yardmaster, Mike Coleman brakeman at Couch and Beverly, Keith Switchtender at ES Cabin, Gary talked about the bridges and helped with the double door duckunder and I just floated around. Shenan, Bev and Jennifer watched the people on the deck and had the refreshments out. Estimate 100 plus man hr's.

08-13-92 Dave, Jerry, Mike, Gary, Kieth and I had the first operating session. Ran the Couch man, Burdette Creek Turn, Corley Man, Beverly Turn, Brown Power man and several mainline trains. The session took 3 hours. Mike is a good yardmaster, kept the trains running without many delays. We used Jim Hediger's "Wheel Report" train scheduling. 4 hr's.

8-13-92..02-03-93 Gatherings mostly consisted of operating sessions and establishing a method of operation.