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Construction Diary 1990-1991

11-20-90 Jerry Doyle and I measured, worked on plans and looked at the room. 3 hr's

11-28-90 Jerry Doyle and I removed the old track and switches. 3 hr's

12-05-90 Jerry Doyle, Mike Fellure and I removed the old bench work. The yard bench work was moved intact to the new staging yard location. 3 hr's

12-12-90 Jerry Doyle, Mike Fellure, Gary Burdette and I. Washed mildew on walls then painted the old, south and west walls. Ran two joists of insulation. 3 hr's

12-19-90 Jerry Doyle, Gary Burdette and I finished the insulation. 3 hr's

12-26-90 Charlie Young and I washed the mildew walls again then he painted the old wall. Charlie painted the north wall and the conduit. I put up the conduit on the south wall ran the wire but not hooked up. Sorted the lumber by widths and length. Bought 25 furring strips and 8- lx4's. 2 hr's

01-02-91 Gary Burdette and I studied his track plan. We wired the south side outlets and loaded the 2 x 4's in his car. 2.5 hr's

01-07-91 I put up 2 rows furring strips on the south side. 2 hr's

01-08-91 I put up 3 rows furring strips on the south side. Hardest job was moving the light fixtures down 1". 2.5 hr's

01-09-91 Gary Burdette, Jerry Doyle and I put up 4 rows ceiling tile. Jerry placed the tile, Gary cut them to fit and I used the stapler. Bought Kilz for the discolored walls. 3 hr's

01-16-91 Jerry, Mike and I put up 3 rows ceiling tile to the heating duct. Put up furring strips on north side of the duct and aligned with the rest of the room. 3 hr's.

01-30-91 Jerry and I put up 3 rows ceiling tile and lowered the lights on the north side of the room. We also put up 2 rows furring strips. Mike painted the ducting and pipes with white latex primer. 3 hr's

02-03-91 I removed the lawn furniture from the north side of the room and stored in the space under the deck. 3 hr's

02-06-91 Jerry, Mike, Gary and I. Mike painted the ducting and pipes again with second coat of primer. Jerry and I put up 2 rows ceiling tile and 1 row furring strips. Gary fitted ceiling tiles around the ducting. Promised to have the room ready to build benchwork by next week. 3 hr's

02-09-91 I painted KILZ on the south wall. Put up 3 rows furring strips and 2 rows ceiling tile. Bought 15 furring strips and 54 ft. cove molding. 5 hr's

02-10-91 I painted north wall ran out of KILZ and got 1 more gallon. Put up all furring strips except the last row next to the north wall. Also put up all ceiling tile except the last 3 rows. 5 hr's

02-11-91 I hung all except the last row ceiling tile. Need to touch up the north wall with KILZ. 3 hr's

02-13-91 Jerry, Mike, Gary and I. Mike and I painted the walls with the latex wall paint. The stain came through again, will have to cover with KILZ again. Gary cut ceiling tile for the space next to the old basement. Jerry started the T-girders, made 2-14 foot and 4-3 foot beams. Will put them together next week. 3 hr's

02-17/18-91 I finished furring the ceiling. Installed the electrical outlets on the north wall. Put up the full row ceiling tile and 1/2 the last 1/2 row. 5 hr's

02-21-91 Jack Brown, Jerry, Mike, Gary and I. Mike finished touch up painting of the walls, pipes and outside doors Gary finished the north wall 1/2 row ceiling tile. Jack, Jerry and I built benchwork for the Slaty Fork area. 3 hr's

02-28-91 Jerry, Mike, Gary and I. Gary and Jerry built the "L" girders for the east wall (Power plant/Coal mine area). Mike and I put up cove molding on the south wall, east and west 1/2 wall. 3 hr's

03-06-91 Gary and I moved the lumber from the middle of the floor. We sorted and stored under the Slaty Fork yard and the mine/power plant. We chalk lined the peninsula, Slaty Fork yard, and Pleasants Creek areas. We designed the Slaty Fork yard throat. 3 hr's

03-08 through 03-12-91 I finished installing the cove molding on all but the short piece next to the basement door. I built the "L" girder for the Slaty Fork yard throat and all the cross "L" girders to the power plant siding. I cut out for the conduit a 3/4", 4'x8' plywood sheet and placed on the Slaty Fork yard benchwork. Drove a nail through the cold water pipe and had to sweat a coupling. Bought 2-sheets 4x8' 3/4" CDX plywood, 6-sheets Homosote board, 6-furring strips, 6-1x4"x14' box each #6 1", 1 1/4", 2" dry wall screws. Total time for 5 days 12 hr's.

03-13-91 Gary, Jerry and I built the "T" girder's for the peninsula. We built one "T" girder support for the peninsula. Chalk lined the peninsula and the Slaty Fork area. 3 hr's

03-14/16/17/18/19-91 I finished painting the cove molding and filled the nail holes with putty. Bought the last piece of cove molding and painted it. Finished cross "T" girders for the peninsula and started the risers from the Slaty Fork yard throat to the cross over on the peninsula. Total time for 5 days 10 hr's.

03-20-91 Jerry, Gary, Charlie and I. Jerry and Gary Cut the plywood for the Slaty Fork area and screwed it to the risers. They leveled the bench work at the double door end of the Slay Fork yard and supported it on the floor. Charlie and I worked on the risers from the crossover to the coal mine switch. Charlie and I built and installed an extra "T" cross girder for the Big cut curve. 3 hr's.

03-22..25-91 Finished the risers on the peninsula to the door duck under. Built the "T" girders and the legs for the north wall bench work. Total time about 6 hr's

03-26-91 Jerry, Gary and I. Jerry and Gary placed the Homosote on the Slaty Fork yard and reinforced the double door duck under. 3 hr's

03-27..04-01-91 Bought 10 more #6 Atlas Custom Line III (5 lefts and 5 rights). I cut and installed the road bed from the Slaty Fork yard to the end of the double track at the Coal Mine. Placed the risers on the Coal Mine/Power Plant branch and installed the road bed to the Coal Mine. Bought 500 #6 x 1 1/4" dry wall screws, 3 sheets 3/4" CDX plywood, and 5-1x4x12. Hardest job is to mark and cut the curves need to find a better way. 12 hr's

04-03-91 Gary brought his Tru Scale 36 in radius track and we placed it on the main line from Slaty Fork to JD Cabin. We mostly looked, figured and dreamed. 3 hr's

04-04..09-91 I finished the main line road bed from the coal mine to above JD Cabin. 12 hr's

04-10-91 Jerry and Gary cut and placed the Homosote road bed form Slaty Fork to JD Cabin. Mike and I finished the road bed installation from above JD Cabin to the basement door duck under. 3 hr's

04-11..13-91 I finished the road bed short section at the coal mine tunnel and the short section from Slaty Fork to the switch at the power plant. I also installed the Homosote road bed on the curve between Slaty Fork and the power plant double track switch. I cut the hole in the wall for the tracks to Valley Head and Staging. The dust was unbelievable. Broke a fin on the sweeper while cleaning up. 5 hr's

04-17-91 We fiddled with the Slaty Fork yard layout and the plans. 3 hr's.

04-24-91 Jerry and I fiddled with the yard layout again. We laid out the curve at the end of the Slaty Fork yard and the yard throat. We decided to build the Pleasants Creek bridge facing the double door I.E.; you will be looking at the bridge from the east side or from down the creek. The bridge will be approximately 12" high and 4' long. 3 hr's.

05-01-91 Jerry and Gary worked on the Slaty Fork yard tracks, the station siding and service facilities. Mike and I finished the "T" girders on the Pleasants Creek peninsula. 3 hr's.

05-08-91 I started the risers on the Pleasants Creek peninsula from the hole-in-the-wall to the curve under the upper loop. 3 hr's.

05-15-91 Gary and I completed the lower line risers on the Pleasants Creek peninsula and leveled the benchwork. Clamped one leg on the end next to the double doors. Charlie helped make some of the risers and "T" girders for the upper line near the hole-in-wall. We are planning the Pleasants Creek bridge to be approximately 4' long, 12" high and located next to the double doors. The illusion will be like looking at the bridge from down the creek and back at the Young farm and US 250. Charlie named the south end of the double track siding at the summit. That switch will be known as "The Falls" because of the accident involving the water pipe and the finishing nail. 3 hr's.

05-15...07-11 Did very little due to the trip to the west coast.

07-11-91 Gary and Jerry finished the double door bridge. Gary (another Gary last name unknown) and I worked on the upper level risers on the Pleasants Creek peninsula. 3 hr's.

07-12..17-91 I finished the risers on the Pleasants Creek peninsula. I cut out the sub-roadbed for the lower line from the nitrate siding to the hole-in-wall. 12 hr's.

07-18-91 Jerry and I worked on the sub-roadbed for the lower line and cut the 36" curves. Jerry built the summit bridge and fit it into place. Looks good. We decided to make the Pleasants Creek area a loop with lots of trees and possible abandon RR with coke ovens under the bridge. 3 hr's

07-19..23-91 I cut and finished the Homosote roadbed on the lower line of the Pleasants Creek area. I also finished the upper line sub-roadbed and cut out the bridge plywood. 10 hr's

07-31-91 Jerry and I cut and attached the Homosote roadbed for the upper line on the Pleasants Creek area. Jerry made lots of Homosote dust. 3 hr's

08-05-91 I finished cutting the Homosote for the big peninsula. 10 hr's

08-06-91 Jerry and I cleaned the room and screwed down the Homosote on the big peninsula. I spackled the screw holes on the Pleasants Creek and big peninsulas. 3 hr's

08-06..13-91 Bought (3) pieces of cork as an experiment. Will put the visible mainline on cork roadbed. I put cork on the mainline from the Slaty Fork yard throat to JD Cabin. 7 hr's

08-14-91 Jerry installed the throat and (1) section deep tracks in the Slaty Fork yard. I put down cork roadbed from JD Cabin to the single track switch at the Big Tunnel. Had to build up the end of the peninsula with spackling, plywood and Homosote. 3 hr's

08-15..16-91 I installed the cork road bed from the Big Tunnel to the south end of the bridge at Pipe Falls. 3 hr's

08-17-91 Jack Brown and I planned the electrical circuits with a two cab system. Jack and Bev suggested the Big Tunnel be day-lighted back to the "S" curve above the power plant. Jack also agreed with Jerry and Gary about super elevating the curves. Jack soldered some of the yard tracks and suggested we use a diamond across the main line to the power plant. We agreed to install a curved turnout at the double/single track at the coal mine and at the double track south end of Pipe Falls. 10 hr's

08-18..20-91 I continued to lay track from the yard throat and JD Cabin to the coal mine. 10 hr's.

08-21-91 Gary and I laid the outside curve from JD Cabin to the coal mine. 3 hr's.

08-22..27-91 I laid all the track from Coal Mine to the # 8 curved switch at the coal mine. I put .030 Styrene under the outside rail on the inside track. I completed the Power Plant/Coal Mine trackage to the yard throat. 10 Hr's.

08-28-91 Jerry soldered the # 1 yard track and located it closer to the inside of the bench work in the curve. Gary put the styrene super under the outside track on the peninsula. I laid track through the Big Tunnel to the "S" curve. Found a ski bump on the "S" curve. 3 hr's.

08-28..09-03-91 I laid all the tracks including the curved #8 turnout at South Pipe Falls, from the "S" curve north of the Big Tunnel to the summit bridge. Have two big ski bumps. One is under the Pipe Falls and the other is at the south end of the door bridge. 10 hr's.

09-04-91 Gary supered all the curves from the coal mine switch to South Pipe Falls. Jerry laid #1, #2, #3 and #4 yard tracks to the double door bridge. 4 hr's.

09-05..09-10-91 I removed the "ski bumps" by grinding the roadbed and shimming the tracks with styrene. I finished the low line from the wall tunnel to the tunnel under Pleasants Creek including Nitrate Siding. 3 hr's

09-11-91 Jerry and Gary finished the #1, #2, #3 and #4 yard tracks. I installed the low main line from the end of Nitrate Siding to the South Slaty Fork at the double door bridge. Gary brought his hand held throttle and we ran a train from the wall near Nitrate Siding to Pipe Falls. Even the Trailer Train handled very well but with a lot of leaning on the curves. 4 hr's

09-18-91 Gary will build the Pleasants Creek Bridge. We will make it 4' long with each span 8". The piers will be approximately 12". We mostly planned and figured. 3 hr's.

09-25-91 Gary brought the plans for the Pleasants Creek Bridge with sample girder and pier. Jerry and I finished the siding at Pipe Falls and the single track to Pleasants Creek. Jay Sheridan was helping us for awhile. We have a shorted switch at North Pipe Falls. 4 hr's.

09-26..10-02-91 I wired the old basement and installed the light tubes for the Couch and Hollow areas. I also installed the firing strips at Couch and Helix. 6 hr's

10-02-91 Jerry worked on the Slaty Fork yard. We decided to get 2 curved turnouts for the thoroughfare and caboose tracks. The shorted switch at North Pipe Falls is due to the Shinohara at South Pipe Falls. Gary supered the curves on the mainline at Pipe Falls. I put up more firing strips in the old basement. 3 hr's

10-02..08-91 I tore out the old yard and prepared the room for paint. 6 hr's

10-09-91 Jerry worked on the Slaty Fork Yard. Gary supered more of the curves. 3 hr's

10-10..10-16-91 I got all the painting done in the old basement. 6 hr's

10-24-91 Gary and I we dreamed and planned and ran trains. 3 hr's

10-30-91 Jerry finished the thoroughfare and the caboose tracks. I started the ceiling tile on the Couch end of the old basement. 3 hr's

10-31..11-5-91 I worked on the ceiling tile. 6 hr's

11-6-91 Jerry Gary and I talked mostly and planned the old basement area. Jerry brought a plan for the Huttonsville Paper Co. and the area to the bottom of the helix. 3 hr's

11-07..11-12-91 I worked on the ceiling tile and paint in the old basement.

11-09-91. Bought the bridge girders for the Pleasants Creek, DPM flats for Slaty Fork and an Interlocking tower for either JD Cabin or Pipe Falls. 8 hr's

11-13-91 Gary and I planned more on the old basement. 3 hr's

11-14..19-91 I finished the paint and ceiling in the old basement.

11-23-91. Took care of various minor details. 4 hr's

11-20-91 Gary worked on the Pleasants Creek bridge. Jerry worked on the yard tracks in Slaty Fork, particularly the engine house and the "out back/weeds" area. 4 hr's

11-19..21-91 I built the "L" girders for the staging yard and cleaned the room for the "Marathon Session". 5 hr's

11-22/23-91 Jerry, and Charlie finished the Slaty Fork yard tracks, the main line at Slaty Fork, the branch to the Power Plant and started on the north end of the staging yard. Gary cut worked on the Pleasants Creek bridge. He cut the deck, the piers, and fitted the whole thing together. Jack and I built all the benchwork in the old basement except the helix. We had one "Engineering faux pas". We started a 1% grade on the "Hollow" end of the staging yard and started the top deck down after it left Couch Industrial Park. Too Close! A short man might shove a low flat car under the top deck cross piece on the helix end. We moved the Luke/Huttonsville Paper mill to the top deck and eliminated the yard on the top deck at Valley Head. 18 hr's

11-26-91 Jerry and Charlie worked on the track work in the Staging Yard. Dave Smith and Gary sanded the Pleasants Creek bridge piers and fitted them into place. Mike painted the trim around the helix and helped Dave cut the girders from the Atlas bridges. Gary cut the abutments from 3/8" plywood. I just ran around with my head cut off. Flooded the washer area when I left the discharge hose off the old washer. Bev wanted the cold water screen changed. We decided to raise up the top deck where Valley Head is to be located and lower the deck where we are going to relocate the Paper Mill. Actually going to the original plan 5 hr's

12-3-91 Dave Smith and I raised the upper deck on the Valley Head yard to the original 58" height. We also eliminated the need for the center support by laminating the outer frame with another 1X4. We cut the plywood for the Luke paper mill area and cut the Homosote board for the same area. 4 hr's

12-4-91 Gary worked on the bridge piers and painted the bridge framework. Jerry, Dave and I worked on the Luke area. We took pictures. 5 hr's

12-10-91 Dave and I built the lower frame work for the helix. 4.5 hr's

12-11-91 Dave cut the splice plates and the spacers for the helix. Gary drew the lines on the bridge piers. Mike assembled 12 of the B & O 3-bay hoppers. Jerry ran his Stewart F units with the Kato SD-40's and the Life-Like BL-2. He and Dave robbed a axle gear from G & G GP-50 #5001 to enable BL-2 to operate. 5 hr's

12-17-91 Dave Smith and I worked on the helix framework and the electrical books. 4 hr's.

12-18-91 Dave and I worked on the helix frame work and the plywood sub roadbed. Jerry worked on the Slaty Fork Yard. Gary worked on the Burdette Creek bridge ( as the Pleasants Creek Bridge has become known). Mike assembled the C&O 12 pack hoppers that had been in stock for several years and finished the B&O 12 pack. New employee Keith Weaver also helped out. 5 hr's.

12-30-91 Dave cut out 12-6" wide curves for the helix. Jerry and Gary worked on the Pleasants Creek (AKA. Burdette Creek) bridge. They laid the track on the bridge and the big fill before the bridge. We ran the first units (WM 7423-34, B&O 7414) on the completed track work. We have several sags in the sub roadbed that will have to be corrected. Charlie and Keith were doing modeling projects. I just ran around between all these things happening. We did not trust a full train on the bridge. 5 hr's.

12-31-91 I worked in the yard cutting out the Homosote roadbed for the helix. I also cut the rest of the 6" curved plywood sub roadbed for the helix. One sheet of the Homosote was enough for 4 1/2 turns. I cut up 1-4'X 8' sheet of AC plywood. 5 hr's