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Construction Diary

Since the beginnings of the Grafton and Greenbrier in 1990, Lin Young has kept a diary of all work that has been done on the layout. Part of the reason for keeping the diary is to share it with others so they can learn from our experiences, both good and bad. The internet affords us a great opportunity to do this. The diary has been directly from the Microsoft Word file that Lin Young uses to keep it. It has been edited slightly for content (mostly removal of non-construction related items) and to make it more manageable for the reader. The diary has been broken down into five segments for easier downloading by the reader. The following are the five segments:

Construction Diary 1990-1991

Highlights include:

  • Planning
  • Room Preparation
  • Benchwork Construction
  • Roadbed Installation
  • Track Installation
  • Beginning Construction of Couch Double-Deck
  • Beginning of Burdette Creek Viaduct Construction
  • Beginning of Helix Consturction
Construction Diary 1992
Highlights include:
  • Completion of Burdette Creek Viaduct
  • Completion of Helix
  • Completion of Couch Double-Deck
  • Installation of Temporary Wiring
  • Completion of Track Work
  • Beginnings of Scenery Work
  • Installation of backdrop
  • The "Golden Spike Ceremony"
  • Facie installation
  • First Open House
Construction Diary 1993-1995
Highlights include:
  • Installation of Pipe Falls Junction
  • Intallation of Corley Coal Company
  • Continuation of Scenery Installation
  • Construction of Dispatch Panel
Construction Diary 1996
Highlights include:
  • Installation of Tygart Pulp and Paper
  • "Tree Manufacturing"
Construction Diary 1997-1998

Highlights include:

  • Installation of Permanent Electrical System
  • Installation of Control Panels
  • Continuation of Scenery
  • Installation of Trivett Coal Company
  • Beginnings of Full-Scale Operating Sessions