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The "Employees" of the Grafton and Greenbrier thank you for your interest in our contiribution to model railroading. The Grafton and Greenbrier is a "private road" HO-scale model railroad layout. Set in the mountains of West Virginia, the railroad depicts what the actual Grafton and Greenbrier might have looked like had it survived into the late 20th Century. While the layout is owned by Lin Young, the Grafton and Greenbrier would not be possible without the thousands of hours and significant amount of materials contributed by friends and family. Want to see what the Grafton and Greenbrier is all about? Visit our "Top Ten" photos here that best represent our layout or take the virtual tour from Elkton to North Yard here to get the full view.

Visit the Grafton and Greenbrier's latest project: The Couch Mountain Express. The 'CMX' brings you news and photos from both model and '1:1 scale' railroading submitted by our 'employees'.

The new Grafton and Greenbrier.com is being developed as we launch our first major expansion since our "golden spike" ceremony in July of 1992. Keep track of our progress here. Want to see how we got where we are today? Go to our Construction Diary page here for a session by session journal of how the layout was constructed.

graftonandgreenbrier.com - Brought to you by the Sticky Red Mud Division of Grafton and Greenbrier Industries. E-mail the webmaster at cyoung@graftonandgreenbrier.com